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Guaranteed Ride Home


If you are registered as a commuter (transit, carpool, vanpool, walk or bike) in the RideShare Delaware database, you are eligible for the Guaranteed Ride Home. If an emergency arises on a day that you share the ride to work, preventing you from taking your normal ride home, you will be reimbursed for the alternate transportation you take home. This free benefit is available for up to five uses per calendar year.

Program Guidelines

The Guaranteed Ride Home program may be used under the following conditions:

  • Normal transit service is not available (Such as mid-day service to certain locations)
  • Next transit service is not scheduled for another hour for direct route home
  • You need to make multiple stops to attend to emergency.


The program may not be used for:

  • Personal/pre-scheduled appointments (For example, Doctor’s visits)
  • Pre-arranged overtime
  • Business-related travel
  • Trips to the hospital in place of ambulance service
  • Trips home on days/times when DART First State bus service is not running
  • Riding TO your work site

How to Use

When you register your RideShare arrangement with us, If you find yourself in need of an emergency ride home, simply call the service provider nearest your worksite, save your receipt, download the GRH Trip Reimbursement Form, and email, fax or mail it to RideShare Delaware. We will process your reimbursement and get you your money quickly!

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