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NAOS Try It Day!

NAOS held a Try It Day on Wednesday, March 29th to encourage the ReCommunity employees to clean commute to work. RideShare Delaware, with the support of Joshua Rivera (NAOS), encouraged 22 employees to have their commute to work be a “Clean and Green” commute for that day. Below...

RideShare Delaware Offers New Event to Encourage Clean Commuting

When’s the last time you tried a clean commute to work? Was it today? Was it a month ago? A year ago?! RideShare Delaware is now offering a new event, designed to promote clean commuting through our Try it Day program. For a Try it Day we’ll specifically work with your worksite ...

Partner Spotlight: Integrity Staffing

Integrity Staffing Since November of 2013, Integrity Staffing has been a Gold Level Partner with RideShare Delaware. Integrity Staffing handles the staffing for Amazon’s fulfillment centers in Middletown and New Castle. Specifically, during Amazon’s peak season in the fall,...

Winners Abound for RideShare Delaware

In February we ran our Frozen February Commute contest where one lucky participant that recorded five days of clean commuting won $50 in giftcards. Our lucky winner was…. Denise Husband! Denise has been a member of RideShare Delaware since 2012. She either uses bus riding or...

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