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Public Transit


Transit is an excellent way to get where you’re going. It saves money, reduces congestion and allows riders the opportunity to avoid driving hassles while letting someone else do the driving. DART First State provides transportation services statewide with over 400 buses and over 60 bus routes including its Sussex County Resort Service and paratransit service.

You can contact RideShare to help you navigate your transit commute or, visit the following websites to obtain schedule information including route numbers, service times, cost, and more.

  • Bus Service

  • Rail Service

  • Park & Ride Lots


    RideShare Delaware’s Guaranteed Ride Home is available to those who commute regularly by transit and are registered with RideShare Delaware.

  • Federal Transit Benefits

    Commuters using transit could be saving money with employer-offered transit benefits. Offered as an employer subsidy, pre-tax option or combination, employees are entitled to up to $255 a month towards the cost of riding the train, bus or vanpool if offered by their employer.
  • DART Transit Programs

    • Travel Training. Are you responsible for promoting Transit at your worksite? Or, perhaps you want to use transit but aren’t sure how to go about it. DART’s Travel Training provides free one-on-one or group training sessions. Call them at (302) 760-2858 to take part in this fun and interactive training session.
    • Check out DART’s other programs
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