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School Pool

RideShare’s School Pool program offers the same ridematch assistance to parents of Delaware school students as we do for commuters. We can assist parents by identifying other parents who want to share in the duties of driving their children to and from school. Whether you’re looking for an every day RideShare arrangement, or you just want a list of parents you can call for occasional, emergency or extracurricular RideShare situations, RideShare’s School Pool is for you. As with our commuter RideShare program, we service individuals who travel to Delaware schools, even if you live in Pennsylvania, Maryland, or New Jersey. And remember, RideShare’s School Pool is a voluntary program, provided free of charge to parents of Delaware school students.

Other carpool benefits include:

  • Saving money in gas and vehicle maintenance
  • Helping to clean the air you breathe
  • Improving safety around your child’s school by reducing traffic congestion


To find a match for your school commute, just submit your application online, and we’ll email or mail your personalized, confidential matchlist.

Please feel free to contact our office at 1-888-RIDE-MATch or email us for more information or to learn how your school or school district can help promote the program.