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Vanpooling is an excellent alternative to driving alone, especially if you have a longer commute. Those traveling more than 25 miles one way to work are likely to see the direct benefit of not having to put a substantial amount of miles on their cars each week. This reduction in miles traveled also means less pain at the pump! RideShare can help you get started by identifying potential vanpool participants who share your commuter pattern. The cost of the vanpool will be determined by the number of commuters in the van, distance traveled and total gas costs. For commuters whose employers offer pre-tax transit benefits or transit subsidies, your costs are even lower!

Start or Join a Vanpool

Vanpools can be accommodated for groups of 7 to 15 passengers. RideShare Delaware can assist with identifying van groups for those interested.

Regardless of van size, a full van results in the lowest fares because when seats become empty, remaining riders pick up the empty seat costs. Reach out to a vanpool vendor for more details. Vanpools also receive:

RideShare Delaware’s Guaranteed Ride Home is available to those who commute regularly by vanpool and are registered with RideShare Delaware.

Register with RideShare to begin your search for a vanpool commute today.

Federal Vanpool Benefits

Commuters using a vanpool could be saving money with employer-offered transit benefits. Offered as an employer subsidy, pre-tax option or combination, employees are entitled to up to $255 a month towards the cost of riding the train, bus or vanpool if offered by their employer.  For detailed breakdown of this benefit visit this webpage.


DART’s Rideshare Delaware is ready to assist Aberdeen Proving Ground employees relocating to or living in Delaware with establishing a vanpool commute. Contact our office directly for information on all available transportation options at 1-888-RIDE-MATCH or register your commute on-line today.

State Employee Vanpool Program

If you are employed by the State of Delaware, you can participate in the Fleet Link State Vanpool program. State employees who do vanpool are eligible for emergency ride home trips only through the State Vanpool program. Click here to view information on the State Vanpool program.

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