Wilmington Transit Center Groundbreaking

Wilmington – Today, Delaware Governor John Carney, U.S. Senator Tom Carper, and Wilmington Mayor
Michael Purzycki joined Transportation Secretary Jennifer Cohan, Delaware Transit Corporation (DTC) CEO
John Sisson and other state and local officials to celebrate the start of construction of the Wilmington Transit

The $10 million dollar project is being constructed as part of a public-private partnership between
DelDOT/DTC and Transit Center, LLC (Colonial Parking, EDiS Company, and Emory Hill Real Estate Services,
Inc.), using 100% State and private funds and is expected to be completed in December 2019.

The new transit center, to be served by most bus routes in Wilmington, will have the capacity to have up to
10 buses stage at one time allowing bus layovers without blocking city streets. The center will offer
customers a covered, seated waiting area, real-time bus displays, ticket sales, WiFi, USB charging stations,
restrooms, vending machines, and bike racks with a bike repair station.

“We are making millions of dollars of needed infrastructure investments across the city, and this is another
milestone project for Wilmington,” said Governor Carney. “This transit center will serve thousands of
customers every day and provide the convenience and amenities that they deserve.”

“This transit center is going to be a great addition to the city and we are excited that today marks the official
start of this important project becoming a reality,” said Secretary of Transportation Jennifer Cohan.

DTC CEO John Sisson stated, “We’re excited to break ground on this state-of-the art transit center, providing
our customers with a convenient multimodal hub within the City of Wilmington.”

Strategically located adjacent to Wilmington’s Joseph R. Biden Rail Station, the transit center will provide
convenient access to Amtrak, SEPTA, Greyhound/Trailways, and cabs. The center will also offer parking for
rental cars, as well as public parking including electric car charging stations.

DART Wins 2018 APTA Adwheel Grand Prize

The Delaware Transit Corporation (DTC) has earned high honors in the marketing and communications world of the public transportation industry, winning the Grand Award for Campaigns to Increase Ridership from the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) 2018 AdWheel Awards for its innovative DART Beach Bus campaign.

On September 24, representatives from DART accepted the award during the APTA Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee. In addition to the awards presentation, the winners participated in panel discussions examining the strategies and tactics that helped them achieve their goals.

The awards recognize APTA member public transportation systems for their outstanding marketing and communications efforts, which demonstrably benefit organization-wide strategic goals.

More than 300 entries were evaluated by nearly 100 industry experts. DTC won first place in the initial round of judging, and their top score advanced them for consideration in the second round of judging for the Grand Award in the mid-size transit agency category, which they won.

John Sisson, DTC CEO said, “It is such a great honor to receive this prestigious award in the public transit industry. We were elated with the Beach Bus launch and ridership results. From the marketing campaign to the new facilities, signage, planning and operation of the service, employees from all sections of the Corporation deserve credit for the successful Beach Bus season.”

The objective of the Beach Bus campaign was to raise awareness of the new Lewes Transit Center and Park & Ride, increase ridership and, in turn, reduce traffic congestion during the summer. The public was offered the option to ride in the comfort of the air-conditioned bus, avoiding the stress and aggravation of driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

DTC worked with Aloysius, Butler & Clark (AB&C) on the campaign, which utilized public relations, social media, print, radio, lifeguard stand and movie theater ads, hotel key cards, restaurant/bar coasters and table tents to raise awareness. The “DART to” campaign highlighted the various destinations reached by the Beach Bus, such as “DART to the Boardwalk” and “DART to the Nightlife.” The winning campaign can be viewed at DART Case Study.

The 2017 season of the DART Beach Bus service was proven successful with an unprecedented ridership increase of over 21%, thanks to the launch of a new brand and implementation of strategic advertising. In addition to the clever campaign, bus service levels were increased with more frequencies, expanded service areas and extended hours. As a result, fewer cars were on the roads in the beach areas.

The Delaware Transit Corporation, a subsidiary of the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT), operates DART First State. For more information, please visit www.DartFirstState.com or call 1-800-652-DART. Real-Time Bus Information and DART Pass, the new mobile fare payment option, are both available on the free DelDOT App (iOS and Android).

DART’s Approved Service Changes for May 20, 2018

Delaware Transit Corporation (DTC) announced changes to DART Statewide Bus Services have been approved to become effective Sunday, May 20, 2018. Below are the changes by County. Bold type indicates a change from or an addition to the original proposal based on public comments.

New Castle County

All routes may have minor schedule adjustments to improve on-time performance and connections.
Route 2: A NEW Sunday morning round trip will be added departing Amtrak Station at 7:53 AM, and departing Brandywine Town Center at 8:49 AM.
Route 6: A NEW Sunday morning round trip will be added departing Amtrak Station at 7:53 AM, and departing Newark Transit Hub at 8:52 AM.
Route 13: Downtown routing from Tri-State Mall will stay on King St. from 13th St. to 2nd St. serving the stop on King St. at 10th St. (Library) and no longer serving French St. at 8th St.* In the other direction, to Tri-State Mall, the bus will travel Walnut St. to 8th St. to Orange St., serving the stops on 8th St. at King St. and Orange St. at 10th St., no longer serving French St. at 9th St.* Buses will continue through Downtown via Orange St., 13th St., Market St., 15th St., French St., and 16th St. *Route 31 will continue to serve the French St. stops.
Route 15: Routing changes to Christiana Mall along DE 58 near Delaware Tech to address safety issues.
Route 18: Rush hour trips currently leaving Polly Drummond Shopping Center at 6:47 AM and 7:17 AM will become express trips operating non-stop from Milltown Rd & Newport-Gap Pk. to Walnut St. at 3rd St., and the departure times will shift to 6:45 AM and 7:10 AM; rush hour trips leaving Naamans Rd. at 4:05 PM and 4:45 PM trips will become express trips, skipping Amtrak Station and operating non-stop from King St at 3rd St. to Milltown Rd & Newport-Gap Pk. The current 4:28 and 5:08 PM trips at Rodney Square to Pike Creek will depart at 4:38 and 5:13 PM. The last trip from Pike Creek departing at 6:35 PM will be extended to Foulk and Naamans Roads.
Route 28: The PM rush hour routing will be revised to address a recent “no left turn” restriction at the intersection of Rockland Road and Park Drive. Buses will depart Astra-Zeneca and serve A.I. DuPont Hospital for Children, Nemours Clinic and J.P. Morgan before heading into Wilmington.
Route 43: Routing will be revised from Odessa Park & Ride to Amazon for faster service.
Route 47: Routing will be revised in Middletown for faster service to Amazon.
Route 55: Weekday schedule will improve to operate every 40 minutes resulting in two NEW round trips.

Kent County

All routes may have minor schedule adjustments to improve on-time performance and connections.
Route 102: Eden Hill Medical Center will be served.
Route 119: Route will be discontinued due to low ridership and service duplication; Luther Village is served by Route 106; Luther Towers is served by Route 109; Dover Bayhealth is served by Routes 105 and 303; Eden Hill will be served by Route 102; and Modern Maturity Center is served by Route 102.

Sussex County

All routes may have minor schedule adjustments to improve on-time performance and connections.
Route 206: Service will begin/end at the Lewes Transit Center. Connections will be available to Rehoboth (Route 201), to Dewey (Route 203) and to Lewes (Route 204).
NEW Route 210: will serve Downtown Milford, Airport Rd., Boys & Girls Club, Veterans Home, Walmart and Milford Memorial Hospital, operating hourly on weekdays from 6 AM to 10 PM, connecting with Route 303 and new Route 307 at Walmart.
Route 212: NEW Saturday service will operate seven round trips from 10 AM to 9:45 PM.
Route 215: Route will be combined with seasonal Beach Bus Route 207 serving Burton Village, Rehoboth Park & Ride, DE 24 to Pots Nets, Long Neck, Pot Nets and Massey’s Landing to Millsboro; service will double from 5 round trips to 10 round trips operating from 5:30 AM to 11 PM; NEW Saturday service to be added.


All routes may have minor schedule adjustments to improve on-time performance and connections.
Route 301: A NEW weekday, mid-day round trip will be added.
Route 302: A minor routing change will be made in Middletown for faster service to Amazon.
Route 303: Most express trips will be discontinued; 8 round trips will operate with connections to new Route 210 at Milford Walmart.
NEW Route 307: Weekday express, limited stop service between Lewes and Dover serving Lewes TransitCenter; Milford Walmart; DelDOT/DMV Danner Campus and Dover Transit Center, with 5 weekday roundtrips.

Seasonal Beach Bus Service

Weekend Service begins May 5 from 10 AM to 11 PM on 201 Red Line between Lewes Transit Center (LTC) and Rehoboth Boardwalk every 20 minutes, and 204 Yellow Line between LTC and downtown Lewes/Ferry Terminal every 30 minutes.
Daily Beach Bus Service begins Monday, May 21:
201 Red Line– LTC to Rehoboth to operate every 10-30 minutes depending on time of day, approx. 5:30 AM to 2 AM.
203 Orange Line– LTC to Dewey to operate every 30 minutes from 8:30 AM to 1:30 AM
204 Yellow Line– LTC to Downtown Lewes/Ferry Terminal to operate every 30 minutes from 7 AM to 2 AM.
206 Green Line– LTC to Georgetown to operate six weekend trips between 7 AM and 10 PM.
208 Blue Line– Rehoboth Park & Ride to Dewey, Bethany, Ocean City, MD to operate every 2 hours, 8 AM to 2 AM.
215 Purple Line– Rehoboth to Long Neck/Millsboro to operate 10 trips from 5:30 AM to 11 PM.
305 Magenta Line– Wilmington to Rehoboth providing 3 round trips on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
Friday evening service will be discontinued as service will be available via Route 301 and new Route 307.
Beginning September 10, Routes 201, 204, 206, 212 and 215 will operate year round Monday through Saturday.

Winners Abound for RideShare Delaware

In February we ran our Frozen February Commute contest where one lucky participant that recorded five days of clean commuting won $50 in giftcards. Our lucky winner was….

Denise Husband! Denise has been a member of RideShare Delaware since 2012. She either uses bus riding or carpooling to get to her Job in Dover from her home in Wilmington, making for a clean commute trip of over 100 miles each day!

Ride.Record. Reward! Winners

Larry Kraines was one of our February Winners for Ride. Record. Reward! Larry clean commutes from his home in Pennsylvania to his job in Newark, Delaware, racking up 20 clean commute miles every day.

James Duffus was our other winner for February. James commutes from his home in Newark to his job downtown Wilmington. We thank James for his commitment to clean commuting (no photo available).


Lastly, Lisa Washington won a $25 dollar gift card for completing our year end RideShare Delaware Survey.

We thank all our participants and look forward to giving you more ways to win during the year!

DART, Rideshare Spread News at 87ers Game

DART and RidesShare Delaware were invited by the Delaware 87ers on Feb. 25 to provide a table with transit information at their home game at the Bob Carpenter Center on the University of Delaware Campus. There were several individuals, who visited our table, interested in regular and intercounty bus service, SEPTA Regional Rail, paratransit and RideShare Delaware. This invitation was offered through a trade agreement between DART and the Delaware 87ers from October 2016 to April 2017. DART provided a bus wrap on an intercounty bus between Wilmington and Dover to the Delaware 87ers for advertisement as well as two bus shelters in northern New Castle County. As a result, DART received the opportunity to participate as sponsor of the Delaware 87ers for the 2016-2017 season through advertising and other trade benefits.

Delaware Transit Corporation completes Commuter Survey

We would like to thank all of DTC’s employees who took the 2016 Commuter Survey.  Your involvement will create a cleaner and greener Delaware Transit Corporation and help make DTC an example of clean commuting for the State.  We’d also like to say congratulations to Patricia Hill of the Eligibility Department for completing her survey and winning a $25 gift card as a thank you from us. We look forward to sharing the results with you in our 2016 Annual Report.


VP Joe Biden Welcome Home Rally

A “welcome home” rally is scheduled from 2:30-3:30 p.m. on Friday at the Chase Center on the Riverfront. The event is open to the public. The doors of the Chase Center will open at 1:00 p.m. The detour will start at 12:00pm through 4:00pm. The detour will be as follows:

Routes 12 and 49

From Justison Street

Turn right onto Beech Street

Turn right onto S Madison Street

Turn right onto S West Street

Back to regular route

Route 7

From Beech Street

Turn left onto Justison Street

Turn left onto S West Street

Turn left onto S. Madison Street


Below are the affected stops traveling to Downtown:




Alternate for all affected stops is JUHL – JUSTINSON ST @ HOLLINGSWORTH AVE

Below are the affected stops traveling to the Chase Center:




Alternate for all affected stops is JUHL – JUSTINSON ST @ HOLLINGSWORTH AVE 

Route 11 Rider Wins!



Say hello to Mary Stewart, one of RideShare Delaware’s Ride. Record. Reward! winners for November. Mary is grateful for her clean commute on DART’s route 11 that takes her to her job at the Wilmington Trust Company. Since she began working at  Wilmington Trust Company over four years ago, Mary has taken the route 11 to work. We applaud Mary’s commitment to clean commuting and wish her and all our clean commuters a happy holiday season.

Say Hello to One of Our October Ride. Record. Reward! Winners


Lesile is a student at Wesley College and takes the campus shuttle around campus to get her through her day. By riding the campus shuttle Lesile is not only taking vehicle miles off the road but frees up her daily commute so she can catch up on school work and personal business. We thank Lesile  for her commitment to clean commuting and wish her a successful finish to her semester!

Based on Customer Feedback, DART Reconsiders Some of its Proposed Changes for December Statewide Service Change

Delaware Transit Corporation (DTC) announced changes to DART Statewide Bus Services will become effective Sunday, December 11, 2016.   Based on customer feedback received online and through DTC’s public hearing process, DART has reconsidered some of the changes, while making modifications to others, most notably affecting bus routes in Kent County.


New Castle County

Time changes on most routes to improve on-time performance and connections.

Routes 1, 9 & 14: Due to congestion, boarding locations are changing from King St. at 11th St. (former US Post Office) and King St. at 9th St. to King St. at 10th St. on Rodney Square.  The Rodney Square stop on 11th St. at King St. will continue to be served.

Route 2: Weekday service between 8 AM and 8 PM will operate every 30 minutes, filling in late afternoon/early evening service gaps.

Route 7: Departure times from Gilpin St. in Trolley Square will be 10 minutes later; departures from Chase Center will be 5 minutes later.

Route 10: Based on customer feedback, time adjustments were made to the following morning rush-hour trips.  The current 7:15 AM departure from Rising Sun Lane will depart at 6:58 AM; 7:37 AM departure from Amtrak Station will depart at 7:17 AM; and the 8:07 AM trip will depart from Centerville at 7:51 AM.

Route 14: Map/time reference points have been added for the Rodney Square and Opportunity Center stops, and time adjustments have been made to improve on-time performance.

Routes 18 & 30: Based on customer feedback, a new schedule will be implemented to improve on-time performance and departure time adjustments were made to all morning rush-hour trips from both Polly Drummond Shopping Center and Rodney Square.

Route 28: Trips after 3 PM have been adjusted to better meet major employer shift times.

Route 33: Fairplay Station will not be served when there is no SEPTA Train Service, thus no service during off-peak weekday hours or Saturdays.

Route 39: Time adjustments were made to AM trips leaving 13 minutes later from Newark to alternate with Route 33 to provide better service.

Route 40: Four new express trips are added to weekday rush hour (two AM and two PM) between Peoples Plaza and downtown Wilmington to address overcrowding. As express trips, bus will not serve DE 7 & E. Songsmith Dr., DE 7 & DE 273 Park & Ride, or Christiana Mall Park & Ride, and instead use DE 1 to I-95 to Amtrak Station and downtown Wilmington.

Route 43: Trip times are adjusted to improve connections with Routes 45 & 301 at Odessa Park & Ride.

Route 45: This weekday commuter route will link Boyds Corner, Odessa and Christiana Mall Park & Rides with downtown Wilmington.  Based on customer feedback, AM rush hour service to Wilmington will depart Boyds Corner every 30 minutes from 5:25 AM to 7:25 AM.  PM rush hour service to Boyds Corner will depart downtown Wilmington every 20-30 minutes between 4:15 and 6:35 PM.  Five trips are scheduled during mid-day hours between downtown Wilmington and Boyds Corner.  Schedule adjustments have been made to improve on-time performance.

Routes 46 & 55: Peak hour time changes have been made to improve connections between routes at Newark Transit Hub.

Route 47: Weekday schedule time adjustments have been made to meet employee shift times. The first southbound trip at 5:07 AM will be discontinued due to low ridership.

Route 48: All trips will be extended to serve AI DuPont Hospital for Children, along with adding a new morning trip departing Amtrak Station at 8:10 AM, arriving at Chestnut Run Plaza at 8:40 AM.  Morning trip departure times from Amtrak Station are adjusted to address late arriving SEPTA trains.

NEW Route 49: A new bus route between Riverfront, S. Market St. and Downtown Wilmington, will serve major parking and employment centers operating weekdays from 6 AM to 8:30 PM, every 15 minutes during peak business hours (6-9 AM & 3-7 PM); every 30 minutes other times until 8:30 PM.

Route 55: A weekday AM trip will be extended to downtown Wilmington, departing Newark Transit Hub at 7:20 AM.


Kent County

Route 101: Based on customer feedback, no changes will be made to routing.

Route 102: Evening service will be discontinued due to low ridership; last departure is 6 PM from Dover Transit Center.

Route 103: Route will be discontinued due to low ridership.

Route 104: An extension to the route will be added along Kesserling Ave. and Webbs Ln.

Route 105: Evening service will be discontinued due to low ridership; last departure is 6 PM from Dover Transit Center.

Route 106: Route has been streamlined and will no longer serve Dover Transit Center or Camden Walmart, instead operating on US 13 between Dover Air Force Base and Scarborough Road Park & Ride via Blue Hen Corporate Center, Luther Village Apts., Capital Commons Shopping Center (formerly Kmart), Dover Downs and Dover Mall.  Route will operate hourly from 6 AM to the last departure from DAFB at 9 PM weekdays and new service on Saturdays starting at 9 AM , with last departure from DAFB at 5 PM.

Route 107: Route will no longer serve Bay Court Plaza or Luther Village Apts. and include minor routing changes to improve on-time performance.  Evening service will be discontinued; last departure is 6:35 PM from Dover Transit Center; and Saturday service will be discontinued to due low ridership.

Route 112: Saturday service will be discontinued due to low ridership.

Route 113: Based on customer feedback, Route will remain in service; last departure is 6 PM from Dover Transit Center.

NEW Route 119: Weekday route will operate hourly from Luther Village to Luther Towers, Bayhealth Kent General, Dover Transit Center, Eden Hill Medical Center, and Modern Maturity Center, from 6 AM to last departure at 6 PM.

Route 120: Service will be increased to operate every 30 minutes from Dover Mall to Smyrna Rest Stop/Park & Ride, no longer serving Dover Transit Center.  Connections to other routes can be made at Dover Mall & Scarborough Park & Ride.  This route will now operate on Saturdays every 30 minutes from 9 AM to last departure from Mall at 5 PM.


Sussex County

Route 206: Minor time changes to improve on-time performance/connections, not serving Allen Harim Foods (on-site).

Route 212: Minor time changes to improve on-time performance/connections.



Route 301: All service to/from Boyds Corner will be discontinued and replaced by Route 45.  For peak direction commuters, select morning trips to Wilmington and select afternoon trips to Dover will skip Delaware State University and Christiana Mall to offer faster travel times; however, service to/from Christiana Mall and Delaware State will continue to be provided for commuters to Dover in the morning and to Wilmington in the afternoon.  Mid-day, evening and Saturday service will continue to offer service to/from Christiana Mall and Delaware State. Other time adjustments have been made to improve on-time performance.

NEW Route 302: Weekday Intercounty service linking Dover, Smyrna, Townsend, Middletown, Glasgow and Newark began service on Monday, November 7, operating four round trips during rush hours.

Route 303: Select trips will serve Perdue Farms in Milford.

The individual pocket schedules are being printed and should be online early next week; however, the full schedule is available here.