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RideShare Delaware Partner Spotlight- Harris School of Business

Harris School of Business in Dover, Delaware has been a member of RideShare Delaware since 2015. The Harris School of Business specializes in comprehensive, short-term programs which prepare students for interesting and challenging positions in their chosen fields of study....

Meet our Ride.Record.Reward! winners from May and June!

Nadine Sabeter signed up for RideShare Delaware at the University of Delaware’s employee health fair. Nadine and her carpool partner have been carpooling since that time. In the short time they have been carpooling they have pulled 200 VMTs off the road. Not picture here is...

RideShare Delaware Now Offers Route Based Matching!

There are now two ways to match up with people with our new Route Based ridematching feature.  In addition to our traditional radius based matching, our new route based ridematching feature lets you find carpool matches based on how much your commute overlaps with an individual....

Mobile Fare Payment to Launch for DART Beach Bus Services

Delaware Transit Corporation (DTC) is excited to announce the launch of a new mobile payment app for its Beach Bus Services, making the DART experience more user-friendly and convenient for its riders. The app will go live starting Friday, June 30, in anticipation of the busy...

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