Webinar Info Series

Table of Contents

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The first part of the series is the Telework Series with the webinars focusing on working from home. Each webinar addresses different topics that can be applied to employers and employees along with a quick review of tips.

Topics such as:

  • Creating an effective telework program
  • Performance and hour tracking
  • Designating a home work space
  • Equipment
  • Increasing productivity/limiting distractions

Series #1: Work From Home

The first webinar of RideShare Delaware’s Telework Series. The first webinar starts as a summary of the series along with some general information about teleworking as well as touching on topics of the next webinars.

Series #2: Telework Office

This is the second series of RideShare Delaware’s Telework Series. The subject of this webinar will be setting up the home workspace.

Series #3: Productive Adults

RideShare Delaware and guest speaker Liz Brown, Be Well Life Coaching present the 3rd Telework Info Series – Productive Adults Working from Home. Liz Brown provided some insight and tips on how to stay productive as we work from home during this uncertain time.

Series #4: Social Networking

An interactive webinar to our Telework Series, where we asked members and participants to share what works for them while working from home. We also encouraged share their workspace pictures and/or selfies to our email prior to the webinar to display during our time together.

Series #5: Earth Day 50th Anniversary

Earth Day 5th Anniversary Celebration – Special guest – The Partnership of the Delaware Estuary – Learn how you can celebrate Earth Day from home.

Series #6: Biking 101

RideShare Delaware continued its Webinar Info Series in May 2020. Since May is Bike Month, the webinar focused on Biking 101 in collaboration with BikeNewark.

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Series #7: Safe Commuting –
Moving Forward with DART

Learn how DART is continuing to provide safe and essential transportation for commuters as Delaware re-opens for business in the wake of COVID-19.  Attendees will also be entered into a drawing at the end of the presentation to win a 30-Day Pass on the DART Pass mobile payment app.

Learn more about Discounted DART Passes here.

Series #8: Pedestrian Safety with the
Delaware Office of Highway Safety

The Pedestrian Webinar will include an introduction of the Office of Highway Safety, a review of pedestrian statistics, pedestrian/motorists safety tips, information on the pedestrian program to reduce pedestrian crashes and the Office of Highway Safety Corporate Partner program.

Series #9:
What are the Offerings/Benefits for Commuters

A review of the Delaware Commute Solutions program (RideShare Delaware) and how this free program can benefit commuters who live, work, and/or go to school in Delaware. Learn how to register for the program, take advantage of the offerings/benefits, and receive assistance with YOUR clean commute options as an employee or student.

Series #10:
Commuting Safely by Bike with Children w/ CoHost BikeNewark

Tips for thinking through your commute by bike to work/school with your children.

Biking to work with children can be accomplished if you spend some time looking for the resources that are needed to get from home to work and back safely. Veteran bike commuters share ideas about how bike travel is possible once your children are old enough to travel outdoors.

Series #11: Employer Solutions

Join the Delaware Commute Solutions Team as we walk you through our direct resources that are available to Delaware businesses. Including but not limited to:

  • Commuting Solutions
  • Return to Workplace
  • Telework Toolkit
  • Restore the Corridor:
    I-95 Rehabilitation Project
  • Pre-tax Commuter Benefits
  • Clean Commuter Program and Incentives

Series #12: Vanpooling 101
w/ Commute with Enterprise

Series #13:
Get a Job/Get a Ride (GaJ/GaR)

DART’s Get a Job/Get a Ride (GaJ/GaR) program is making a comeback after several years.  The employer-based program, administered by DART’s Rideshare Delaware, provides new employees free transportation to and from work for the first month of their job.

Series #14:
Restore Your Commute

Are you getting the most out of your commute this year? RideShare Delaware can assist in finding your clean commute options. Learn how to maximize your clean commute by earning rewards and other incentives. Know your commuting benefits, and how to prepare for upcoming transportation changes.